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The performance was an unmitigated triumph [...]
[Danzmayr‘s] pacing, from bar one of the mighty symphony, was dead right: not too fast but inexorable, all the way through to the end, with the heartbeat immediately before the final cataclysmic chord gauged to perfection.
His direction of the tempestuous and tumultuous music of the symphony observed its garish elements, but without distortion. His gorgeous account of the great slow movement, full of lovely, sliding, portamento phrases, observed its quintessential Romanticism, but without sentiment or saccharine [...]

Michael Tumelty, The Herald

San Diego Symphony, led by the brilliant David Danzmayr, thrills with Sibelius and John Williams

If any argument is needed for the preservation and support of the symphony orchestra — and I don’t think it needs defending, in spite of the expense and effort in keeping it alive and healthy — Saturday evening’s San Diego Symphony performance embodied its essential place in our lives: an hour and a half of thrilling, spine-tingling — and artistically impeccable — music-making. The program — under guest conductor David Danzmayr’s awe-inspiring leadership — juxtaposed past and present Finnish composer Jean Sibelius’ “Finlandia” and his Symphony No. 1 […]

Danzmayr not only knows how this music goes, he knows what it means. Just as important, he knows how it feels. He shows us this knowledge before a note of music sounds: his feet are planted solidly on the earth, there will be no podium dancing here. His spine is straight except when he bends low as if to summon musical phrases out of the earth, his baton is the visible end of a huge lariat that encircles the orchestra in a magic circle of focus, one in which the players are freed to play with such plangent personal expression that Danzmayr often stopped conducting to listen. He is extraordinary, and we cannot see and hear him too often. Comparisons are odious, but I cannot help it: not since I discovered the conducting of Carlos Kleiber have I encountered an artist who combines such deep penetration and controlled but visceral excitement.

San Diego Union Tribune, Marcus Overton

[Danzmayr] is extremely good, concise, clear, incisive and expressive. More than anything else, he looks a complete natural across the range of repertoire. And he gets a good response from the band. [...]

The Herald, Michael Tumelty

With a stuning all-Russian concert, the Utah Symphony welcomed the first guest conductor of its 2022-2023 season.
Austrian-born conductor David Danzmayr, currently in his second season as music director of the Oregon Symphony, put his distinctive stamp on the orchestra, creating a spellbinding sound in his rendition of Tchaikovsky´s Symphony No. 5

Rick Mortensen, Utah Arts Review

The charismatic David Danzmayr consistently inspires the orchestra to the limits of their capabilities […]

In the ensuing performance, Danzmayr’s close identification with Elgar and his celebrated showpiece was clear in every bar, the conductor and orchestra offering up a bracing, richly characterful and eloquent performance.

Danzmayr is clearly an Elgarian of the first order […]

Lawrence Johnson, Chicago Classical Review

Danzmayr is such a charismatic and dynamic podium presence he seems to will the IPO musicians to the very limits of their capabilities–and even beyond. Such was clear in the rich and often electrifying performance of Sibelius’s Symphony No. 1.

[…] Danzmayr’s concentrated direction charted the ebb and flow with driving yet flexible momentum. The Andante captured the craggy Northern lyricism with the conductor ensuring fine balances, the woodwind skirls audible under the big orchestral tuttis.

The pounding Scherzo was aptly vigorous and the performance culminated in a terrific account of the finale. The central big tune–as indelible as anything by Tchaikovsky—really took flight, played by the IPO strings with rich tone. The violins played with striking intensity in the dramatic moments, yet Danzmayr also conveyed the strangeness and mystery of this work as with the coda’s descent and two quiet pizzicato chords.

Lawrence Johnson, Chicago Classical Review

Having already conducted most of an impressive inaugural season made up of wide-ranging repertoire, Danzmayr’s familiarity and authority with Austro-Germanic repertoire was on display Saturday night at a packed Lincoln-Way North Center for the Performing Arts.

[…] he led a performance of immense spirit and nuance.

Danzmayr’s stalwart interpretation and the determination of the orchestra to realize that vision made this anything but a routine performance.
Momentum and a careful eye on larger structure were apparent throughout, with Danzmayr’s considerable attention to carefully sculpted dynamics and getting to the musical heart of each movement. […]

Dennis Polkow, Chicago Classical Review

Vielbejubeltes AK-Classics-Konzert im Linzer Brucknerhaus [...] Und als Höhepunkt eine hinreißende „Fünfte“ von Tchaikovsky, welche das Bruckner Orchester unter Dirigent David Danzmayr über sich hinauswachsen ließ – eine Wiedergabe von überwältigender Intensität!

Balduin Sulzer, 

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